Fireworks for your every moment. MAVIPI has a wide range of products. Some of them are aerial fireworks, children’s, rockets and much more.

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A wide range of shots ranging from 16 to 300 shots. Huge variety in designs colors and dimensions.

Roman Candles

Exceptional 6 and 8-shot fireworks

Cake Fountain

Smooth 45sec cakes are ideal for nightclubs and parties.

Torches and smoke fountain

Fire and smoke of all colors.


The classic rockets with colorful openings.

Children's Fireworks

Wide range of children’s fireworks from the classical Pop Pop, as well as new exclusive codes of ours, that are presented for the first time in Greece.


We offer smokeless indoor fountains products especially for weddings and events, as well as outdoor space with a variety of duration and heights. 1sec-60sec 3m – 7m.


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