There are many types of fireworks to choose from and make your moment or event memorable. The types of fireworks are separated in aerial fireworks, water fireworks, daytime fireworks and many more.


Colorful aerial formations illuminate the sky canvas. Endless combinations and choreographies can attribute a spectacular result.


Water fireworks

Aerial fireworks that are not projected vertically but inclined towards the sea. Very rich pyrotechnic visual spectacle above the water.



A firework that fades into the ground or the sea.


Colorful signs

We have the ability to turn any sign or logo into a colorful burning firework.


Rotating Wheel

By swirling they create a unique effect for viewers. There is a wide variety of colors and effects.



Silver gold or multi-colored, indoor or outdoor. There is a wide variety of colors, height and length of time. They are used in events, concerts, weddings in various formations. They are harmless when used by professionals and can be found within short distances by the public. This makes them ideal for every use.

Πυροτεχνήματα ημέρας


Fireworks intended for use in day conditions. They are based on the creation of visual content mainly from colored smoke or confetti. There are other categories, of course, with a barrage of loud bang and intense colors.

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