Since 1950...

Nikolaos Karagiannopoulos is the founder of MAVIPI Fireworks company in Thessaloniki The art of fireworks was taught by the first Italian pyrotechnicians, who came to Greece in the early 1930s.

Shortly before 1950, he founded the MAVIPI fireworks company based in Thessaloniki.

Year after year, the company has been recognized as the main fireworks company from Thessaloniki to the whole of Greece. Undertaking all major events taking place.

Since then, the company has been upgraded both in warehouse and technological equipment.

Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης Πρωτοχρονιά

Nobody knows the fireworks as well as those who make them, and we are the leaders in it. So we fulfill your desires in the sky with the slightest detail you ask for.

Specialization and experience...

After so many years in the field, we are able to guarantee the best possible result, a show that will amaze viewers with 100% success and safety. You can feel confident with everything because we are the only ones in Northern Greece with Pan-European Liability Insurance. The largest insurance company in the field has been trusted our work.

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