From the creation of the fireworks begins the true creation of the show. Small pyrotechnic constructions contain so much shine and color that far exceeds human logic. They enter the field of magic. The construction of fireworks requires a huge scientific background. Over the years has expanded and closes in the sphere of fireworks all the chemistry required for production.

Evolution and originality

The “recipe” of gunpowder discovered 2000 years ago has been overcome. It has been enriched and has become more efficient than ever before. Hundreds of other color blends are on the pedestal of the results from our many years of work.

Imagination is something necessary for the manufacture of fireworks. Of course, there are the known ideas and plans that are being kept. But in no case is it worthwhile to stay in the familiar and the shabby. MAVIPY attaches great importance to the development of fireworks. More efficient explosive mixtures and more spectacular fireworks are the first resorts of our priorities. We have a dedicated department with chemical engineers corresponding to the European for the development of new fireworks and effects.

Greater storage capacity in Greece

We have in our possession the largest and most modern facilities for the production and storage of fireworks. Our facilities are not only in Greece but also in the Balkans. They extend over an area of ​​30,000m2 with great fireworks storage facilities.

It is the latest word of science in the field of fireworks, with the full implementation of European directives. It occupies the 1st place not only of the most sophisticated but also of the most storage facilities in Northern Greece.

Modern design methods

For 15 years we have been using electronic equipment not only for firing fireworks but also for designing it in a computer environment. This electronic system is Italian design and production (Pyroleda®) and works well with the FWSim® simulation program. This allows us to create a show adapted to your requirements and desires.

3D space digitization

The event space is digitized in 3D and you are presented with various suggestions to choose which one suits you most. This extends the range of possibilities in areas not only of direction and quality of spectacle. Also of new directions. Performing spectacular shows surrounds your events.

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